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Quality Charter

Quality Charter

  1. The HTM laser centre comprises ophthalmologist surgeons specialising in refractive surgery, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons or doctors practising as professionals. These health specialists and the qualified staff of Medicare-HTM are committed to providing patients with customised care tailored to their needs.

  2. The HTM laser centre provides its logistics and documentation support to practitioners to inform their patients with no pressure to indicate procedures. The practitioner thus preserves the choice of the patient and the cooling-off period required for their free consent.

  3. The HTM laser centre allows the practitioners to work with a group of European users and thus exchange their techniques and experiences so as to offer the best solutions to patient needs and expectations.

  4. The HTM laser centre has full control of its technology as per an unrivalled set of quality specifications enriched by the many years of experience gained by Medicare-HTM. The many controls and tests are conducted before and during the procedures, thus ensuring the surgery achieves maximum safety.

  5. The HTM laser centre is equipped with an operating theatre to ISO 5 standards that allow it to obtain an extremely strictly controlled environment and a guarantee of safe treatments.

  6. The HTM laser centre provides technical assistance for practitioners, an assistance provided by highly qualified professionals ensuring the quality and safety of the high technology equipment used.

  7. The HTM laser centre and its staff remain fully at the patient's disposal and collects their level of satisfaction with a specific questionnaire. In line with the ISO 9001 certification, collecting this information enables continuous improvement to be applied to the available services.