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Cosmetic surgery : television stars stand up

March 2015: And do you tell your friends and family that you are undergoing a Fraxel or Thermage procedure? On television chat shows, increasing numbers are having injections, non-invasive techniques but also cosmetic surgery. The techniques with or without going under the surgeon's knife are gradually becoming more widespread.


Get rid of your jowls and double chins

December 2014 : Trusculpt uses a new 16 cm² handpiece adapted for the face that locally reduces the fat of jowls and double chins while having a skin re-tightening action

Continuously evolving technological equipment

Sept 2014 : Faced with the constant growth in the number of eye operations using the all-laser process, our centres are equipped with an extra femtosecond laser.

Gwyneth Paltrow reveals her secret

August 2014: How to look 5 years younger at 41: Thermage Several articles have been published in the American and English press


Analyse marché esthétique à l’IMCAS (congrès international anti-âge)

April 2014: The success of body remodelling techniques and continuous energy equipment (particularly ultrasound and radiofrequencies), especially in treating cellulite, fat deposits, hair removal and facial rejuvenation are undergoing many developments and having increasing success.

They are forecasting continuous progression and estimate that in 2018, these techniques will become the leading segment in cosmetic medicine ahead of surgery.


Trusculpt for resculpting your curves

February 2013: You can erase your unsightly areas. Thanks to the Trusculpt which is now available in our centres, locally dissipate fat in the areas you want

VAT becomes applicable to cosmetic procedures

October 2012: Since 1 October 2012, medical and cosmetic surgery procedures not reimbursed by social security will be subject to VAT. This will inevitably lead to an increase in prices. In our laser centres, the procedures consequently increase by 10% on average to accommodate this VAT on the part invoiced by the surgeons.

Latest Thermage and Fraxel innovations

June 2011: Introduction of the latest generation Thermage and Fraxel for increased effectiveness and results for both women and men.