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Redesign of our website

April 2015: Intended for all media, from computers to mobile phones, we hope that this new website will meet your expectations. Feel free to share your comments for improvements with us by using the contact form.

The Refractive Surgery in Laval

The beginning of refractive surgery in Laval:
The Refractive Surgery is now available at Laval Hospital Center with Dr Bihl and with the collaboration of our HTM teams.



Our teams working in the ophthalmology operating block of the Angers teaching hospital

February 2015: The daily newspaper 'Le Courrier de l'Ouest' published an article describing the refractive surgery offer in Angers.


The first treatments for presbyopia

June 2012: The first hyperopic and presbyopic patient treated with a refractive procedure. Very conclusive post-operative results: the patient's binocular distance reading is 9/10th and binocular close reading P2.

Introduction of the Schwind laser for visual correction

November 2011: A visual correction quality is increased again with the introduction of the SCHWIND AMARIS excimer laser.

Opening of the Vire centre

September 2010: Opening of the 4th HTM laser centre at Vire in Normandy, a centre proposing ophthalmological and dermatological activities

ALL-LASER vision correction

May 2009 - The centres are now fitted out with an entirely new technology, the femtosecond. Risks and pain are reduced, faster recovery, etc.

Cosmetic surgery : television stars stand up

March 2015: And do you tell your friends and family that you are undergoing a Fraxel or Thermage procedure? On television chat shows, increasing numbers are having injections, non-invasive techniques but also cosmetic surgery. The techniques with or without going under the surgeon's knife are gradually becoming more widespread.


Get rid of your jowls and double chins

December 2014 : Trusculpt uses a new 16 cm² handpiece adapted for the face that locally reduces the fat of jowls and double chins while having a skin re-tightening action

Continuously evolving technological equipment

Sept 2014 : Faced with the constant growth in the number of eye operations using the all-laser process, our centres are equipped with an extra femtosecond laser.