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The SynchroPLA:Y platform is a regulated class IIb medical device that carries EC marking pursuant to this regulation. It is manufactured by Deka. It is exclusively for use by doctors. Among other things, it comprises pulsed light (IPL)

!Only at the Nantes laser centre

With age, signs of time such as wrinkles, blemishes, capillary vessels notably appear on the face, neck, neck line and on the back of the hands.
The thermal action of the pulsed light can improve the texture of the skin, non-aggressively reduce wrinkles and solar blemishes (lentigos), which is most often damage related to sustained exposure to the sun.
After each treatment in a gradual manner, your skin will appear softer, smoother lighter, more radiant and its colour more harmonious.
The treatment requires several sessions, on average 3 to 4 sessions separated by about one month.