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Permanent laser hair removal

The SynchroPLA:Y platform is a regulated class IIb medical device that carries EC marking pursuant to this regulation. It is manufactured by Deka. It is exclusively for use by doctors. It comprises an Nd :YAG laser, an Alexandrite laser and pulsed light (IPL).

!Only at the Nantes and Vire laser centres

Laser is now a modern and effective tool for removing unsightly hair.

Use of a new generation laser means that all skin phototypes (light or dark) and hair of any size and colour (apart from white and down) can be treated.

In order to adapt to the different phototypes, the SynchroPLA:Y platform from DEKA used has 2 different laser sources:

  • an alexandrite laser for light phototype skin: the laser light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair. The heat generated propagates along the hair to the root and destroys it with no risk to the epidermis.
  • A Nd:YAG laser for dark phototype skin: this laser is used to destroy the hair while preventing any risk of burning or depigmentation that would result from an Alexandrite laser on a dark skin.

Hair does not grow back all at the same time and there is a rest time between two growing cycles. The laser can only destroy the hair in its first growth phase. This is why the sessions must be repeated to treat all the hair. You should expect at least 6 sessions, each separated by 1 month.

You must avoid any exposure to the sun during the weeks leading up to and following the treatment.