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Vascular laser

The SynchroPLA:Y platform is a regulated class IIb medical device that carries EC marking pursuant to this regulation. It is manufactured by Deka. It is exclusively for use by doctors. It features, among other things, two fittings for vascular treatments: an Nd :YAG laser and a pulsed light (IPL).

!Only at the Nantes laser centre

The SynchroPLA:Y vascular laser (Nd YAG laser and pulsed light lamp) is specifically used to remove by selective photocoagulation the small vessels that give the skin a red colour, without affecting the surrounding tissue. This laser platform is used to treat and cause superficial or deep vascular lesions to disappear, unsightly vessels on the face (couperose, etc.), the neck line or legs (telangiectasias).
Several sessions are required and their number depends on the state of the lesions to treat.


vasculaire1 (Dr Campolmi, Florence)

vasculaire2 (Dr Patarin, Challans)