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Who are we ?

Medicare-HTM SAS created in 1993 is an innovative European company partner to healthcare specialists, especially ophthalmologists and dermatologists and other aesthetic specialists.
Since 2003 Medicare-HTM designs, develops, and manages the HTM laser centres, high technology centres, certified ISO 9001.

HTM laser centres are multi-speciality centres dedicated to healthcare, comfort and well-being.
The centres are for :

  • everyone who wants to enjoy the comfort of not having to wear glasses
  • everyone who wants to make their skin radiant without resorting to surgery.

The centres have the most advanced technologies for operations under the best conditions of comfort and expected results.
To find out about the specialities available in each centre, please consult the section for the centre of your choice.

The medical team

The centre operates with an experienced medical team.
Whether they are ophthalmologists or skin specialists (dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and aesthetic surgeons), the practitioners working in our centres are healthcare specialists who have received specific training in the technologies.
They are continuously trained in the specific problems of the treatments dispensed and internal conferences allow them to share and enrich their experiences.

The technical team

The doctors are supported, in the technological and technical management, by a team of laser safety officers.
The latter are responsible for :

  • controlling the settings of the technologies used for each day of treatment.
  • regularly maintaining the technologies using a set of quality specifications.
  • assisting ophthalmologist surgeons and dermatologists during the operations.

The technical assistance team comprises :

  • qualified people in optics, electronics, maintenance, laser safety, anatomy, physiology, biomedical technology, etc.
  • people technically trained by the manufacturers to follow the adjustment, maintenance and control procedures for the equipment.